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September 11, 2018

Many of my friends will tell you, I love all music. It is truly rare for me to come across a band I truly dislike (although there are a few). But, on September 9th I got to see 3 truly outstanding bands perform, one of which is a top 5 all time favorite band of mine. To start the show off, Kississippi hit the stage proving they are hands down a band you should be listening to on a daily basis. Zoe’s voice and presence is captivating. The members are so cohesive and really do put on a great performance. They are a funny bunch, with songs that are heartfelt and upbeat. They were a truly great set to start the show off with.

Up next on the lineup was Ratboys, who I enjoyed more than I anticipated, seeing I’d never listened to them before that night. This band is a surprise attack of great jokes and kick ass tunes. Their lead singer is probably the funniest chick out there, and she was really involved with the crowd (which I love) and included the other members in the ongoing humor. They have an interesting vibe to their music, its dance-y mixed with a bit of darkness. I could definitely see myself getting down to their albums and I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to them in a live setting. If you’re interested in them, check out their Audiotree episode which was filmed last year on the day they released their newest album.

Headlining was one of my all-time favorites, Foxing. This band never fails at making me cry. Whether I’m listening to them in my bedroom, jamming in the car, or seeing them live, I know I will cry. Their lyrics are relatable to just about everyone and the music itself is so well arranged and thought out. I was lucky enough to be introduced to them a few years ago by my younger sister, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. When I heard they were coming back to Orlando I was stoked, and the show sold-out. I was fortunate enough to win tickets through Shows I Go To (I’ve mentioned them previously, follow them, seriously) and I was able to take a friend who had never heard them before which was a treat for both her, and myself. This show was arguably the best show I have ever attended. To be in a venue (the social) as small as we were, being able to take in every bit of what they band was putting out, was as spiritual as a musical experience can get. Foxing’s newest album Nearer My God is breathtaking, it is full of so much emotion it took me days to be able to take it all in when it was released. Seeing this album performed live was an experience I will never forget. Conor gives every ounce of his being while on stage. His passion is palpable during the performance, and his band mates are right there with him. Every Foxing member is very clearly putting their heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into every measure they create together. The bands first two albums were incredible, and their most recent goes above and beyond any expectation I could have fabricated in my mind.  

I don’t think I could ever recommend a band more wholeheartedly than when I tell people about Foxing. If by chance you ever get the opportunity to see them, I urge you to go. You will leave their show feeling like a new person, feeling like you have resolved things deep within your soul. You will smile, laugh, cry and possibly be in shock as to how they do what they do.

Thank you to Kississippi, Ratboys, and Foxing for putting on a spectacular show on a Sunday night. A little side note, this is the first time in the 50+ shows I’ve attended that every band had at least one female member. It is refreshing to see a show where women are represented and kick ass at what they do. Female representation in the music industry is important, and I’m glad I was able to support a tour which (thanks again to SIGT) represents women in high regard.

September 10, 2018

This past weekend (sept. 7th & 8th) I caught a double header of musical bliss featuring Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Field Medic, and Remo Drive. Night one was in Orlando at Soundbar, followed up by their Tampa date at Crowbar.  The double header was definitely worth it, regardless of my pure exhaustion at work the following days.

Soundbar is a classic Orlando venue, my least favorite venue, but a classic none the less. This show was sold-out, and these bands 100% deserved the sold-out show. Although at Soundbar, a sold-out show feels a lot like an over-sold show. It’s a strange club set up which causes fans to get in the way of the bands a lot of the time, even if it’s not at capacity. But when the room is packed full of moshing young adults, and musicians trying to get their bulky equipment on and off stage through the crowd, things get a little tricky.

Crowbar is my absolute favorite venue out of Tampa and Orlando combined. The staff is great, the set-up is phenomenal. There is a freaking beer garden guys!! If you haven’t been, GO! This is such a chill venue, fans and bands mingle effortlessly. You can be outside in the garden and never miss a beat of the show. It’s truly magical. Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but really; I love it. This show was on Saturday night and once again it was sold-out. These fellas once again deserved it, every set was amazing.

Prince Daddy & The Hyena were so fun to see perform. So much energy and power out of these guys. I was really impressed by their set, although I sadly had not listed to them before Friday night. I feel like I’ve been missing out by not listening to them sooner, but don’t worry I have since downloaded all their music and will be listening from here on out.

Saturday was my third time seeing Field Medic, he’s a total musical gem and if you’re not a fan of his tunes yet, you should be. He’s a folk artist with some of the best lyrics ever. His music is fun and joyful, yet also emo and heartbreaking all wrapped up into a melodic journey for the soul. Somehow this man puts some of the best and worst human emotions into folk anthems that will definitely give you all the feels. He also is hands down one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Admittedly us musicians aren’t always the most approachable, but this guy is a friend to everyone he meets. Listen to him now! Also, a special thanks to him for letting me and my friends get on stage to crowd surf with him. Like I said, he’s a gem.

Remo Drive has been a band I’ve wanted to see for a long while. When they came through Florida several months ago I was unable to go to the show and had to sell my ticket. Boo, it sucked. So of course when they announced this tour, I was PUMPED. These guys are unreal! So high energy, yet so genuine in their purpose. These guys just want to have a good time with their fans, and slam out some fantastic music in the process. I loved that their bassist Stephen made it clear to the crowd to be respectful to each other and safe while moshing/crowd surfing. It’s always nice when a band is caring. The Orlando show also fell on Erik’s Birthday, which naturally resulted in the entire crowd singing to him.

I would highly recommend any music lover go see these guys while on tour. They are all dope live, and highly talented. There isn’t a set in this entire show that disappoints. It’s also a great tour to broaden your musical horizons if you listen to one of the genres and not the other.

September 5th, 2018

A question I get asked pretty frequently is how do I find out about shows, and I’ll admit, 2 years ago I had the same damn question. First things first, download the app Bands in Town. It is a God send for any music lover. Track all your favorite bands, get suggested artists, buy tickets directly through the app, seriously it’s my best friend! You can view a bands entire tour schedule so easily, I’ve even planned vacations around it thanks to how helpful the formatting is. Bands in Town is also what I use to track which shows I have tickets to, thanks to their feature to RSVP to shows. Without this silly app, I’d be completely lost.

Secondly, if you’re a Florida resident I would suggest following the company Shows I Go To on every social media network (I’m sure other states have comparable companies). These folks do so much advertising for upcoming events and shows throughout Florida its mind blowing. I have also won tickets through them to see a few sold out shows (ex. The Marcus King Band, LANY). If you’re a fan of winning tickets, follow them and enter the contests, I’m the kind of person that never wins anything, yet I’ve won through them, it’s crazy! I tend to learn about a lot of local bands through them as well, which is extremely helpful if you like a wide range of music. Local shows are usually my favorites to attend, and if you’re new to the concert scene they are a great place to get your feet wet. Good music, easily meet the bands, friendly fan base, and almost never overly crowded.

Third, go follow all your favorite bands on Instagram. This is how I find out about tours before they ever hit Bands in Town, and long before tickets go on sale. Without following the bands I truly love I would miss out on a lot of opportunities to see shows. I also tend to check out the bands going on tour with my favorites, Instagram is the best way to find a lot of this information. Bands rarely tour with others that sound just like them, so by looking into fellow touring bands you can start to find the sound you really gravitate toward.

And lastly, when you do go to shows, be friendly! Many of the people in the crowd are people like me who go to anything and everything music related, and might be musicians themselves. I have bought tickets to sold out shows off people I have met at shows. Heck, I started my band with a girl I met at a show. Some of my closest friends are people I met in line at a show or stood next to in a crowd. The music industry is vast and full of super cool people, and of course your everyday jerks are thrown in the mix as well; but if you’re nice you’ll learn way more than the internet could ever provide.

September 5th, 2018

Hey there! Many of you reading this may already know me personally, but for those who don’t I’ll go ahead and introduce myself. I’m Nikki, a girl in her mid 20s who loves music more than anything in the world. I’m a musician and songwriter, I’m currently in a band called Quarter Roy and hope to be making music for the rest of my earth-bound days. I was raised in a Central Florida home filled with music, instruments, and a ton of encouragement. I’m an over the top girl with the mouth of a sailor, and zero care in the world how others feel about it. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine by me.

These days I spend any extra cash I have on tickets to see my favorite bands. I started on this show hopping escapade in April of 2017 and I’ve never looked back. In the past year and a half, I’ve seen hundreds of bands, met some of the greatest people in my life, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I should share my experiences and knowledge with all of you.

So, with all that being said, this blog will be dedicated to a variety of music and show related topics. From bands to shows, venues, style, and a million other things that will undoubtedly pop into my head throughout my life. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to share anything with me in return!